Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY table number holder

    Here's another DIY for the victorian themed wedding that I am planning for C+A: Fold Back Clips turned into Table Number Holders. I initially planned to purchase photo frames as table holders but I thought it's a bit pricey so I had to look for another option. Here's the DIY for the table holders.. enjoy!

The final design of the table numbers is not yet posted because we still don't know how many tables we have.

(1) Get your fold back clips. I used 2 inches.
(2) Prepare your pattern papers. I used black and off-white stripes.
(3) Cut the pattern paper according to the size of your fold back clips. I used 2x3.
(4) Put double-sided tapes on both sides of the clip and at the bottom.
(5) Wrap the paper clip with the pattern paper. Make sure to press it with your thumb to flatten.
(6) Clip your paper (or table number design) with the fold back.
(7) Remove the metal part of the fold back clip. You can keep it in case you will need it after the wedding.  (by the way, that table number is not the final design ^_^)
VOILA!!! my very own table number holders.
You can also use it as photo holder! :)

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