Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Diaper Cake

 So I was tasked to make a diaper cake for our surprise baby shower for our colleague, Chiqui.

Special thanks to:
Chiqui -- for helping me shop, make the paper flowers and for wrapping the box
Milai and Elsy -- for helping me roll the diapers and arrange them
The whole team -- for the contribution $_$

Things you'll need:
newborn diapers (I used 60pcs)
rubber bands
baby stuff (onesies, socks, bib, burpcloths, etc)
colored papers
paper flowers

get your diapers and rubber bands
roll the diapers, the tighter the better. place a rubber band around the center after you roll each diaper to hold it tight.
make paper cones (because I was trying to make a castle diaper cake)

get your box (this one is wrapped to blend with the colors that we are using) and arrange your rolled up diapers.

place the paper cones at the top of the diaper tower (or wherever you like it as long as it looks like a castle)

add your baby stuff, paper flowers (and what have you's)
here's another version: a round cake. you can use a round basket.
ready for the baby shower!!
credits to Milai for the giveaways..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Paper Carnation

Here's another variety of paper flower that you can use for weddings, birthdays, or however you like it!

Things you'll need:
Crepe Paper
Tie wire

get your crepe paper and trace a circle.
cut it.

make a small hole and insert the tie wire. make sure to fold the tie wire so that it will hold the crepe paper.
crumple each sheet of the crepe paper. do it one by one.

continue doing it until you reach the last sheet.
here you go!!! ain't it easy?

I think this is really a very pretty centerpiece!! ^_^

DIY Paper Poppies

Here's another DIY paper tutorial that you can do even with your eyes closed! Kidding... you need to do this with your eyes open. ^_^ Here are the very cute and easy to make Paper Poppies...

Thanks Chiqui for the help!

Things you'll need:
colored copy paper (80 gsm)
tie wire
colored pencils/pens

get your colored copy paper. i used baby pink.

cut the paper. i decided to have 2x3 cut-outs.

fold the paper 3 times until it is cone-like in shape.

cut the tip of the paper in half-oval shape (or however you like it).

unfold the paper and cut one part of it.

use three shades of colored pencil to create an effect at the center of the paper poppy.

put glue on the 7th petal

insert the tie wire at the center and overlap the 6th and 7th (with glue) petals. hold it for a few seconds.

hello there pretty paper poppy!!

hope you'll like them! ^_^

DIY Paper Flowers

Here are the step by step instructions on how to do one variety of the paper flowers I posted earlier. Thanks to Chiqui for the help..

Things you'll need:
crepe paper
tie wire

prepare your crepe paper (choose a color you like)

cut the petals for your crepe flower. don't worry about not having the perfect shape because it will add beauty to your paper flower.

arrange the petals however you like it. and yes you have to do it piece by piece, so have fun! :)

once you are done arranging the petals, carefully tie the bottom using the tie wire. if you have floral tape, you may also use it.

VOILA!! aren't they gorgeous? ^_^

Paper Flowers in a basket

I was crafting with my friend, Chiqui today... Aren't these crepe and colored paper flowers pretty? :) Will post the "how to" in a few.. enjoy! :)