Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Diaper Cake

 So I was tasked to make a diaper cake for our surprise baby shower for our colleague, Chiqui.

Special thanks to:
Chiqui -- for helping me shop, make the paper flowers and for wrapping the box
Milai and Elsy -- for helping me roll the diapers and arrange them
The whole team -- for the contribution $_$

Things you'll need:
newborn diapers (I used 60pcs)
rubber bands
baby stuff (onesies, socks, bib, burpcloths, etc)
colored papers
paper flowers

get your diapers and rubber bands
roll the diapers, the tighter the better. place a rubber band around the center after you roll each diaper to hold it tight.
make paper cones (because I was trying to make a castle diaper cake)

get your box (this one is wrapped to blend with the colors that we are using) and arrange your rolled up diapers.

place the paper cones at the top of the diaper tower (or wherever you like it as long as it looks like a castle)

add your baby stuff, paper flowers (and what have you's)
here's another version: a round cake. you can use a round basket.
ready for the baby shower!!
credits to Milai for the giveaways..

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