Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Paper Poppies

Here's another DIY paper tutorial that you can do even with your eyes closed! Kidding... you need to do this with your eyes open. ^_^ Here are the very cute and easy to make Paper Poppies...

Thanks Chiqui for the help!

Things you'll need:
colored copy paper (80 gsm)
tie wire
colored pencils/pens

get your colored copy paper. i used baby pink.

cut the paper. i decided to have 2x3 cut-outs.

fold the paper 3 times until it is cone-like in shape.

cut the tip of the paper in half-oval shape (or however you like it).

unfold the paper and cut one part of it.

use three shades of colored pencil to create an effect at the center of the paper poppy.

put glue on the 7th petal

insert the tie wire at the center and overlap the 6th and 7th (with glue) petals. hold it for a few seconds.

hello there pretty paper poppy!!

hope you'll like them! ^_^

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